About Us

We are a group of communists living in North Carolina working towards the reconstitution of the international proletarian class-party. We align theoretically with the Communist-Left, those fractions which criticized Soviet Russia during the process of its degeneration into a capitalist dictatorship, and which left the Communist International as it transformed into an appendage of Russian national policy.

We seek to spread the communist programme, to serve as a beacon to cut through the fog of the hegemonic ideology, to teach about the history of the communist/worker movement, and to organize workers and re-awaken militant class struggle. We have no illusions, we reject the voluntarist conception of activists that exaggerates the subjective factors and minimizes the objectives factors of class struggle, yet we reject the determinist conception that nothing can be done under unfavorable material conditions.

We aim to reach out to other genuine international communist fractions and to unite wherever possible, to bring together all the fractions to further the reconstitution of the international party. We are not seeking an opportunistic unity out of a mindless desire to grow our numbers, we understand true unity can only come about through a general agreement of principles and a genuine desire to act on our principles.

While our group is centralized, it is not through formal bureaucratic/democratic measures such as the way Stalinist/Maoist/Trotskyist groups are organized, but through absolute agreement on our programme and a genuine attempt of all members to solve theoretical and tactical disagreements through discussion.